Create Your Beautiful Kingdom, Care Your Wonderful Life

The love of beauty is an essential part for everyone, regardless of age. Every moment of every day, people all over the world turn to KINGDOM CARES to get a more passionate and confident life. Since our founding almost 20 years ago, we’ve been committed to improving the life of people who have dreams of being more beautiful. KINGDOM CARES provides a series of products as daily beauty care routine kits for the whole day and all the year round. We have been persevering with the traditional spirit and carrying on technological leap forward. For the future, we will keep our passion and brand concept to invent more high-quality products, providing the best services.
KINGDOM CARES is a subsidiary of KINGDOM®. KINGDOM® has been dedicating to developing, designing and manufacturing electrical beauty care products since 1999. Now it is the leader of China market for electrical skin care appliances. Our factory covers 15,000 square meters, mainly engaged in personal and beauty care products. We build up our new factory in Zhongshan city of China in 2015. We comprised of more than 500 management staffs for the whole company international sales system and nearly 2,000 people are working in the factory.


Our Mission

From the very beginning, KINGDOM CARES has been dedicated to providing more people with an enjoyable, passionate and confident life. We convey the mission to every staff all over the world: Create Your Beautiful Kingdom. Click here to see how our premium products, advanced technologies to accompany along with your beauty journey.