THE EVENT TMALL 12.12 2018

Author/ Kate&Editor/ David

“Double 12” — Dec. 12 — is one of China’s most celebrated online shopping festivals. The promotion of “December 12” was created by Taobao Marketplace in 2011 and others important online retailers have joined such as JD, Suning and Amazon.The annual shopping frenzy sparked by the Nov. 11 Singles’ Day promotion is set to continue as business owners encouraged by last month’s sales numbers gear up for a repeat on Dec. 12.

The performance of our Tmall store is 7 million.

Although the performance lower than Singles Days, but in the same beauty industry, our transaction quantity ranges No.1.

The success of Singles Days is indisputable.The double 12.12 has still a long way to go before meeting the same success as the single day huge sales. Whether it is able to reach this level of success remains to be seen.